About the Owner

My entire life I have been obsessed with clothing. I grew up reading fashion magazines, changing my outfit six times a day, and dreaming of having my own clothing line one day. As I got older, I still knew I wanted a career in fashion, even though I was often told it was an industry that is too competitive. I went to Ohio State University to study Marketing and Fashion and landed a job out of college as a Merchant for Abercrombie & Fitch. 

While at Abercrombie, I had the opportunity to work on Women’s Outerwear and then later represent the entire A&F Women’s brand as a Wholesale Merchant. I sold our product to partners like ASOS, Zalando, and Zappos.

Working for a large retail corporation was a good way to kick off my career, but after two years at A&F and six years in Columbus, OH, I was ready for a change. I wanted to create something of my own in a new place. I followed my heart, moved to Jupiter, Florida, took a big risk, and opened Approval from my two-bedroom apartment.

My dream is to one day open a Brick & Mortar store here in Florida, but until then, I am so excited to share my love of clothing and fashion through this online platform.

Ashley Kramer, Owner

About Approval

When I decided I was going to open an online boutique - long before I ever had the courage to walk away from my corporate job – I was stuck on the name. I wanted to start a business, but had no idea what to call it. One day it clicked when my mom was asking for my “approval” on her outfit. 

Throughout my life, friends and family have always come to me for fashion advice. In college, my closet was raided almost 24/7 by my roommates and friends in search for the perfect outfits for weekends out, date parties, football games, etc. When this name came to me, it only seemed fitting. But as I thought about it, I realized there is so much more to the name than simply getting fashion advice or approval on an outfit. 

It’s not about getting my or anyone else’s approval. It’s about feeling so amazing, confident, and empowered in what you’re wearing that you DON’T feel the need to look for approval. 

At the end of the day, approval should be personal, not something we need from others. When searching the definition of the word “approval,” I knew it needed to be altered for this brand.

Our definition of Approval: The belief that someone (yourself) or something (your outfit) is good or acceptable (to YOU).

Ashley Kramer, Owner

Brand Mission

Providing the newest trends and easy to style outfitting, this brand was created to help you feel confident and empowered in your outfit without needing anyone's approval.